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One of the biggest problems of the Z generation is the lack of socialization due to low reading habits and excessive internet use. Generation Z is more creative than past generations with the influence of their technological and social opportunities, but may have difficulties in expressing this creativity. Consequently, traditional methods of education are inadequate […]

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Sport for Everyody

Sport for Everybody!

As KANGO, we have always believed in the unifying and developing power of sports. We believe that a generation that grows in sports will be more self-confident, more open to expressing oneself, knowing how to deal with problems and having social aspects. Young people who grow up in this way will be the most important […]

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Volunteering in Tanzania 2016

Tanzanya ve Biz

Volunteering in Tanzania There are many people in need around the world and many organizations trying to help them. As KANGO, we see ourselves among these organizations. KANGO, which is ready to work, communicate and cooperate with all kinds of NGOs regardless of race, language, belief and mission, listened to the call of Islamic Help […]

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