City and Design workshop

In the “City and Design” workshop, creative and sustainable solutions will be found by displaying design-oriented approaches to city problems. Participants, who will carry out a series of studies using non-formal training methods, will obtain a concrete project

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City & Design Workshop

A workshop will be held by KANGO & TAK with the working groups that will be formed every 15 days, using non-formal education methods.

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Erasmus+ Projects

KANGO is a non-governmental organization that writes, organizes and establishes a partnership relationship with other associations.

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Social Responsibility

KANGO is an association that plays a role in various social responsibility projects and activities.

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Latest Erasmus+ Projects

Self & Others Smart | Turkey

S.O.S: Self & Others Smart | Turkey

S.O.S: Self & Others Smart | Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Dates: 2020 Venue: Istanbul, Turkey Organizer NGO:  KANGO  Project Description “S.O.S: Self & Others Smart” aims to help young people develop social and communication skills, give space to get practical knowledge, learn how to build positive relationship with yourself and others, get to know difference between […]

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Let's get cultured: EurAsia

Let’s Get Cultured EurAsia | Turkey

Let’s Get Cultured EurAsia | Youth Exchange Dates:19-28 September 2019 Venue: Istanbul, Turkey Organizer NGO:  KANGO and Youth Senate Tallinn Project Description Technology is changing our society and our lives. A change in technology leads to a change in culture. In the era of globalization, it is very easy to lose your true cultural identity, […]

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HQ Leaders | Estonia

HQ Leaders | Youth Exchange Dates: 13 – 21 November 2019 Venue: Palmse, Estonia Organizer NGO: Youth Senate Tallinn   Project Description We need more leaders, than followers. With all the events happening lately, it is extremely important that every young person becomes an engineer of own life independently, being aware of own skills, opportunities […]

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Writing | Management | Organizing

Project writing, management and organizing services

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Partner Organisations

Latest Social Responsibilty Projects

One Book Thousad Events

One Book Thousad Events

One of the biggest problems of the Z generation is the lack of socialization due to low reading habits and excessive internet use. Generation Z is more creative than past generations with the influence of their technological and social opportunities, but may have difficulties in expressing this creativity. Consequently, traditional methods of education are inadequate […]

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Sport for Everyody

Sport for Everybody!

As KANGO, we have always believed in the unifying and developing power of sports. We believe that a generation that grows in sports will be more self-confident, more open to expressing oneself, knowing how to deal with problems and having social aspects. Young people who grow up in this way will be the most important […]

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Volunteering in Tanzania 2016

Volunteering in Tanzania

Volunteering in Tanzania There are many people in need around the world and many organizations trying to help them. As KANGO, we see ourselves among these organizations. KANGO, which is ready to work, communicate and cooperate with all kinds of NGOs regardless of race, language, belief and mission, listened to the call of Islamic Help […]

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In September 2019 I participated as a Russian group leader in a youth exchange “Let’s get cultured: Eurasia” (Erasmus+ Youth project) which was hosted in Turkey by «Kuresel Aktiviteler NGO – KANGO» organization. For all members of our group it was a first youth exchange and we are glad that our experience of participating in such kind of projects started with KANGO.

It was a pleasure to communicate and stay with this organization from the first steps of preparing the project (getting detailed information about the youth exchange) to the providing the program and working on follow up events. All work processes were clearly planned and realized.

I highly recommend “KANGO” for a collaboration and wish a lot of new projects!

Irina Rakhmanova – Russia

Learning the definition of culture via swimming, making intercultural communication via dancing, researching about each other’s legends via sightseeing: That’s what I call Erasmus+.

“Let’s get cultured ” youth exchange held in Agva, Turkey has influenced my life a lot. Thanks to Baki’s and Viki’s efforts I was able to combine studying and relaxing. Both of them are important for me, respectively as a future lawyer and as a chilly person.

Personally I recommend everyone to get a chance and take part in KANGO’s projects, cause that’s what makes you active youth, easy-going person, the one who always has something interesting to share.

Mariam Zakaryan – Armenia

Let’s Get Cultured project totally changed my life.
I learned so much about other cultures and got many important friends from other countries. Thanks to the Let’s Get Cultured project, my world got enlightened and I gained lots of motivation to travel, learn, make friends and experience the life how it was supposed to be experienced.
This project was really well organized and I still think back about these wonderful times I had.
Thank you so much for this fantastic project!

marek Marek Angelstock – Estonia

I participated in one of the Erasmus+ projects this NGO does, it was a lifetime experience everything was cool and I learned so much also I made some unforgettable memories.

Mohammad al Jaradat Mohammad al Jaradat – Jordan

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