City & Design Workshop ( First Day)

The first session of the Design and City Workshop took place.

In the “Design and City” workshop, which will be hosted by Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy and organized by KANGO, creative and sustainable solutions will be found by displaying design-oriented approaches to city problems. Participants, who will carry out a series of studies using non-formal training methods, will obtain a concrete project at the end of the fourth activity.

What will be done with the projects obtained in the Design and City Workshop?

During the event, the development of design-oriented thinking skills of the participants and their experience in solving urban problems are planned primarily. At the end of the event, the projects obtained will be presented to Kadıköy Municipality and attempts will be made to realize the projects.

Kango-Tak-Design And City First Day

32 Young People Will Look For Creative Solutions To Kadıköy’s Urban Problems

In this context, 32 young people in total met for the first time this Sunday in Kadıköy and successfully completed the first phase of the workshop. As the first day activities, the participants were aimed to get to know each other and to integrate. After the preliminary meeting, the game “Who am I?”, which aims getting to know each other more closely and discover their common tastes was played. The participants, who had the opportunity to get to know each other in the first part of the workshop, started with an energizer to the second stage.

After the small teambuilding activities organized for young people to work with each other more comfortably throughout the project, a group activity called “Mission Impossible” was held. In these group activities, the participants were divided into teams of 6 and were asked to complete the tasks assigned to them. After this activity, where many creative poems, dances and performances took place, the participants got used to working with each other. At the end of the day, they came together for a final event. The activity called “Balloon”, which is applied for creative and solution-oriented thinking ability, was the last activity of the day.

After the first session, which was calmer and softer than the sessions to be held in the future, the participants got to know the people they would work with in a short time and got the chance to work together. In this way, it was aimed to demolish the walls between people before proceeding to problem determination and producing solutions.

You can access some photos from the first day on our website and Instagram page.

You can watch the summary of the first day from the video.

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