ImPRO | Estonia

IMPRO 2018

ImPRO | Youth Exchange

Dates: 01-08 December 2018

Venue: Palmse, Estonia

Organizer NGO: Youth Senate Tallinn

Project Description

This youth exchange was written to show youngsters how to use various activities to improve learning. Using improvisation as a tool we wanted to expand the comfort zones of young people and teach them how to think outside the box. Combining various activities and topics we want to provide youngsters the tools to understand themselves better and gain knowledge and confidence for both personal and professional development.


Learning Outcomes

– Refine youngsters self-perception and awareness

– Use methods of improv theatre and other artistic techniques as a tool for inclusion

– Offer an open space for young people to discover themselves and understand their learning process

24 young people from Estonia, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Poland and Lithuania gathered in Palmse, Estonia for this project. The project was organized by Youth Senate Tallinn.