Business Basics 2 | England

Business Basics 2 - England 2019

Business Basics 2 | Youth Exchange

Dates: 24 July – 01 August 2019

Venue: London, England

Organizer NGO: One Terrene International

Project Description

This youth exchange is based on a training course offered by our organization that helps people understand the concept of opening a business and looking at all the elements required to do so successfully. The idea is to host a youth exchange on the same subject offing the opportunity of young people from different countries who have followed the course and have had success in business to share their knowledge and experience with other young people who are interested in starting a business of their own.

Business Basics 2 - England 2019

The objectives of this youth exchange was to target the huge problem with youth unemployment in the EU and to help young people interested in starting their own business to understand the risks and advantages of starting their own business. By including people who have successfully opened their own business in various countries we allowed for greater learning by the participants and also for possible new cooperation and opportunities for youth.


The main issue addressed in this project was that of youth unemployment, looking at how many young people embark on the journey of their own business, we see that this is supported by the EU with programs like Erasmus for young entrepreneurs and we also see this on a local level with initiative helping young people to set up their business with financial support. With all these opportunities available to young people we needed to ensure that young people are prepared for opening their own business thus giving them the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to do so effectively and allowing for greater chances of success.

Business Basics 2 - England 2019

We believe that this project could be a start in helping organizations help solve the problems with youth unemployment with youth in their countries and also help boost local economies.

4 participants from 6 different countries (Greece, Turkey, England, Lithuania, Italy, Romania) have participated this project.