CAG – Come Along and Grow | Estonia

Come Along and Grow

Dates: 21-30 November 2014

Venue: Pärnu

Organizer NGO: Noorte Ettevõtlikkuse Arendamise Ühing

CAG – Come Along and Grow

Project Information


A great deal of communication in today’s society happens through technology, face-to-face communication is preferred. The founders of the organizing organization have noticed in their daily work that education focuses on individual development rather than collaboration. Therefore, it is more difficult for the youth to express themselves and manage co-work. The youth either do not value their own opinion or express themselves too forcefully, excluding the opportunity for collaboration. In addition to that, the youth are doubtful when deciding their own future and rely on others’ opinions. Also, the youth tends to easily neglect reaching their goals aka they are often lacking consistency.


The goal of the project “Come Along and Grow” is to inspire the youth to take charge of their own decisions, according to their own ideas, to motivate not only to be ambitious but to also complete their tasks. In addition to that, we wish to expand the participants’ self-confidence when dealing with negative themes. The main focus of the project is to enhance the youth’s self-confidence, courage, self-expression and their ability to work as a team member. These are all qualities that are important in school, at work, when doing extracurricular activities and reaching your own individual goals. The project’s activities follow a certain goal – the participants acquire acknowledge and skills, how sport and performing help boost confidence and how to use previous when working with the youth.


The activities are taught by using non-formal study methods, focusing on team work. The project enhanced the courage and self-confidence of the participants. In addition to that, they have created and/or learnt great methods to use sport and performance to boost their self-confidence and raise their courage to work with the youth. Through-out the project the participants have had the chance to experience the ways, how sport and performance help boost their confidence and gain courage. Also, the project helped along the process of becoming more independent by being confident enough to make one’s own decisions. This will also encourage them to express their opinion, whilst considering others, and to analyze their activities and decisions during their daily life.

The methods used during the project was made into a compendium that the participants can use for their future work. In additions to the methods, the descriptions of the thoughts and emotions of the participants are added. Each method also consisted of suggestions about situations and age groups. Since there were several workshops and group exercises through-out the project, the participants have had an excellent opportunity to work together and communicate with the youth with different backgrounds. This both expanded their knowledge of other cultures and enhanced the chances of future collaboration.

Project Result
From the school visit


Project is organized by Noorte Ettevõtlikkuse Arendamise Ühing (Youth Entrepreneurship Development Association) which is a non-profit organization established in early 2014, aimed at the youth entrepreneurship development and support of the after school and work activities (including international youth projects). Organization is created by the youth center and youth camp manager and the founder and director of theater for young people. Both founders work daily with young people, and their main aim is to create and promote opportunities for self-development through a variety of methods (for example the presence of sports, adventure activities, team games, etc.). Project “Come Along and Grow” is funded from Erasmus+ Estonian National Agency.