ELLE, Experience to Learn-Learn to Experience | Estonia

ELLE: Experience Learning – Learning Experience

Dates: 16th – 24th April 2015

Venue: Pärnu

Organizer NGO: Noorte Ettevõtlikkuse Arendamise Ühing

ELLE: Experience Learning – Learning Experience

Project Information

The main goal of the project ELLE was to show to participants how important it is to analyze their actions and what they can learn through analyze. Also, the aim was to show participants how self-analyze skills can help them with the job search. The main work methods during the project were adventurous methods. Through adventurous activities, participants experienced new situations. Experiencing unknown situations, we need to calculate risks and our competences. Through that, it is possible to experience success or failure. Adventure activities often create a similar situation with work interview – applicants will become nervous, their hands will shake and overcoming the fear demands concentration. So, trying adventurous activities and analyzing them helps participants to understand what kind of emotions they can experience during the work interview and how they can control these emotions.

In this youth Exchange, there were 25 participants from five countries – Estonia, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, and Romania. Participants were aged 18-25.

After the project youngsters are more self-conscious and they are abler to adapt with new situations in their everyday- and work lives. Since there were several workshops and group exercises through-out the project, the participants had an excellent opportunity to work together and communicate with the youth with different backgrounds. This both expanded their knowledge of other cultures and enhanced the chances of future collaboration.

The project was organized by Noorte Ettevõtlikkuse Arendamise Ühing (Youth Entrepreneurship Development Association) which is a non-profit organization established in early 2014, aimed at the youth entrepreneurship development and support of the after school and work activities (including international youth projects). Project “Experience Learning – Learning Experience” is funded from Erasmus+ Estonian National Agency.

ELLE: Experience Learning – Learning Experience