Free to Say, Free to Do? | Estonia

Free to Say, Free to Do? | Youth Exchange

Dates: 2-11 September 2018

Venue: Taevaskoja, Estonia

Organizer NGO: NEA MTÜ

Project Description

Our youth exchange project “Free to Say, Free to Do?” which took place in Estonia at the beginning of September ended officially on October 31st.


After this project;

  • Participants have deeper understanding about freedom of expression in Europe
  • Participants are more interested in international opportunities what EU can offer
  • Participants developed (international) cooperation skills and tolerance towards others
  • Participants are more confident to organize activities/events from zero
  • Participants have better understanding about their learning

During the project we concentrated a lot on understanding the learning process through daily reflection groups and personal evaluation with Youthpass life-long learning key competences.

Here the videos that participants created during the project can be seen.


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