Me & Others 2 | Estonia

Me and Others

Me & Others 2 | Youth Exchange

Dates: 24 March – 01 April 2019

Venue: Palmse, Estonia

Organizer NGO: Youth Senate Tallinn

Project Description

Nowadays a lot of young people feel lack of real life experience when they graduate from high schools or start their studies in universities. One of the reasons to that is that formal education frequently fails to deliver skills that are important for employment. Usually, formal education does not prepare you for an adult life, it does not focus on teaching how to interact with other people, how to be a team-player, how to prepare for and pass your first job interview and surely it does not explain why it is important to be aware of your strong and weak sides. So when youngsters start their life path it can be very difficult to get through without any loss. Some people say that we learn from our mistakes, but for some youngsters, such lack of knowledge and practice result into low self-esteem, discouragement, languor and even depression in the very beginning of adult life.  What if we could escape that by giving a valuable experience on time?

Within 9 days of the project we tried to help participants to develop social and communication skills, give space to get practical knowledge, learn how to build positive relationship with yourself and others, to explore own strengths and weaknesses, to improve public speaking, to get to know the difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence, to increase empathy, solidarity, and tolerance – all contributing to self-development.

This project is designed for motivated young people that are ready to explore and work on development of own intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences, that are willing to get out of the comfort zone – learn, share and contribute. 42 young people from Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, and Turkey. Priority has given to young people with no previous international experience. The age frame was 17-25 years old.

Me and Others

The project is organized in Estonia by Youth Senate Tallinn and funded by Estonian National Agency.