Open Minds For Brighter Future | Lithuania


Dates: 18-25 November 2016

Venue: Trakai, Lithuania

Organizer NGO: Innoved Lietuva

Open minds for brighter future


Summary of the project

“Open minds for brighter future”; was a 7-day youth exchange rising awareness about increased propaganda in media these days. ‘What is propaganda?’, ‘Why people tend to believe it?’, ‘Why it is disseminated?’ – all these questions were clarified by promoting tolerance, social equity and consciousness of the racial and religious diversity towards EU citizens and refugees, as well. The project was coordinated by informal group „Aqua vitae“ supported by Inceptus NGO in collaboration with 4 different partners coming from Turkey, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Austria.

The main objectives were to encourage participants to comprehend what is propaganda and promote human rights referring to nowadays refugees’ situation. To achieve this, we aimed to provide a learning platform for cooperation of 4 partners sharing the same goals, to propose and create new methods in order to support intercultural learning and European citizenship through active participation.

This youth exchange gave knowledge to participants how to identify propaganda, not only as a matter of danger, but as a sign to stand for their rights and beliefs.

Participants raised their awareness about propaganda and social exclusion by taking part in activities, workshops, work in pairs, group works and simulations during the project. Furthermore, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship also promoted with workshops and activities.

Outcomes from the project are aimed to be disseminated in the local communities of the participants and on international level.

You can find the Mannequin Challenge video here directed, written and acted by participants in order to raise awareness about project topics in an international level.