Secret Library Chapter 3 | Estonia

Secret Library Chapter 3

Secret Library Chapter 3 | Youth Exchange

Dates: 10-19 October, 2018

Venue: Palmse, Estonia

Organizer NGO: Youth Senate Tallinn


Project Background

“Secret Library: Chapter III” – is the third sequel of the in-story chronology of projects called SECRET LIBRARY. In the last 4 years, we have implemented the first and second chapter where we preserved and revived dozens of legends and stories that were on the edge of extinction in Estonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Croatia, Macedonia, Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, and Hungary. The results we reached and the impact we made motivated youngsters to unite and initiate the third edition with the aim to expand the impact on a wider geographical scope and bring additional cultural values. With this project, we want to save stories and preserve them using film-making as a modern tool that is easily accessible and acceptable for young people.



→ Raise awareness about the importance of preserving stories as part of our culture

→ Break the stereotypes and prejudice

→ Promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between young people who belong to different cultural background

→ Discover film-making as a powerful tool for promoting cultural diversity and its benefits.


Secret Library - Estonia 2018













Our group consisted of 4 participants (17-25 years old) and 1 youth leader from Estonia, Russia, Turkey, Macedonia, Italy, and Jordan.

You can find the movie that written, directed and acted by our participants here;