WeAreOne II Second Activity | Italy

WeAreOne II

WeAreOne II Second Activity | Youth Exchange

Dates: 27th of February – 5th of March 2019

Venue: Napoli, Italy

Organizer NGO: Euro-Med Youth Federation

Project Description

The objective of “WeAreOne” is to empower youth through community involvement and grassroots inter-cultural movements to promote social inclusion of refugees, migrants, and of those of different backgrounds than their own.

Within our project we aimed to inspire youth to create inter-cultural open spaces in local communities, and to be involved in the service of all people who reside with them, those from all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions. Because of the multi-activity design of the project we wanted to stimulate a complete educational process and we strived for long-term project outcomes that will last far beyond the last day of activities.

we are one 2

Therefore, our project divided into 5 phases:

  1. Initial preparations prior to the first activity
  2.  The First Activity, Youth Exchange took place in Germany, young people aged 18-29 (32 participants of 8 participated organizations) + 10 group leaders with no age limit, and the activities took place in Berlin, where we focused on:

– Analyzing the current involvement of young people in local communities especially the youth with fewer opportunities.

– Exploring inter-cultural obstacles and barriers to youth social actions and ways to overcome them.

– Identify innovative tools and best practices and methods, which can be transferred to youth local actions.

– Form teams from participants to make research and observations in their local communities upon their return home, in order to find useful insights and opportunities for social actions.

  1.  In between the first and the second activity participants did research and observation in their local communities to find useful insights of social and cultural opportunities.
  2.  The Second Exchange in Napoli (Italy), from 27th February till 5th of March 2019, the same participants’ number and criteria, and explored contemporary refugee and migrant related challenges in Europe and inter-cultural community actions together with grassroots movements for the improvement of social wellbeing.

– Explore the migration policy of the EU and involvement of civic society in the process.

– Encourage the contribution of youth in integration and social inclusion of the migrants and refugees into their communities.

– Gather insights, learning, inspirations, and experience into project ideas.

– Equip participants with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable them to develop social and inter-cultural youth projects.

– Develop ideas and social initiatives and put them into action.

We are one

Through the project we helped youth to reach their full potential through various workshops, discussions, games, and simulations, which provide training and valuable experience to youth and support their future hiring process. Overall the goal of the project was to level out inequality and exclusion, thanks to active engagement of young people. In order to achieve that, we wanted to show young people the paths to build their own active communities and to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to take the action.

42 participants from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania, Turkey and Lithuania have gathered for this project.

The project was organized by Euro-Med Youth Federation which is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany, seeking to create “network of networks” for cooperation in all Euro-Mediterranean countries; established by youth initiatives, NGOs, workers, and activists who are working in the field of youth empowerment and sustainable development.