City & Design Workshop ( Second Day)

Second Session of the Design and City Workshop Has Been Held The second session of the Design and City workshop, hosted by “Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy” (TAK) and organized by Küresel Aktiviteler NGO (KANGO), took place on Sunday, February 23 at 13:30. A total of 24 participants met in Kadıköy for the second phase of the […]

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City & Design Workshop ( First Day)

The first session of the Design and City Workshop took place. In the “Design and City” workshop, which will be hosted by Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy and organized by KANGO, creative and sustainable solutions will be found by displaying design-oriented approaches to city problems. Participants, who will carry out a series of studies using non-formal training […]

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