Volunteering in Tanzania

Volunteering in Tanzania 2016

Volunteering in Tanzania

Volunteering in Tanzania

There are many people in need around the world and many organizations trying to help them. As KANGO, we see ourselves among these organizations. KANGO, which is ready to work, communicate and cooperate with all kinds of NGOs regardless of race, language, belief and mission, listened to the call of Islamic Help Organization and assisted their dissemination activities with active volunteers in 2016.


In this context, one of our founding members Baki Erfidan went to Tanzania with a 3-week volunteer program. Here we had the opportunity to see the activities of the IHO and the work has been done so far. We made video and photo shootings as a volunteer to help the IHO and to garner support from Turkey. We contributed to the construction of the 100% ecological agriculture village planned to be established in the Pangani region and had the opportunity to communicate with the people living in the region. Here we had the opportunity to see water wells, recyclable and sustainable helps, solar electricity panels, seed support and observe the livestock training which was given to the locals. Thanks to this visit, we provided networks to IHO through the video and photographs taken to help them establish cooperation with Turkish NGOs. We are still hosting IHO executives and volunteers with whom we actively cooperate in Istanbul at certain times of the year.



About Islamic Help Organization


Founded in the UK in 2003, we began life as a small volunteer-led initiative. Moved by the devastating impact of the Burma earthquake, we quickly gained momentum and just two years later we were helping with rescue and recovery in the aftermath of another major natural disaster – the Pakistan earthquake.

Despite limited resources, we were able to mobilise a team of doctors to travel to Pakistan and help treat earthquake victims in local hospitals and our own emergency response medical centres.

Today, Islamic Help has grown to become a highly-regarded and well-recognised charity worldwide. From our head office in Birmingham, we continue to deliver projects with the support of regional offices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Gaza, Yemen, Jordan, Cameroon, France, and Australia.


Islamic Help supports people affected by natural disaster, conflict and poverty. With a presence in more than 20 countries, we help thousands of vulnerable children, adults and crisis-stricken communities when they need us most.

We are a truly international NGO, delivering humanitarian aid, community initiatives and on-the-ground emergency response.

Our long term community projects include access to safe drinking water, education and healthcare. We’ve pioneered a number of initiatives to improve environmental sustainability, build vital community facilities, and equip individuals with the tools and skills they need to work. We also run much-needed orphan care projects to provide safe environments for children who have lost their parents.

Together with our loyal supporters and teams of volunteers, we continue to make a big impact on the lives of thousands of families from Europe and Africa to Asia and the Middle East.

For more information visit https://www.islamichelp.org.uk/